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For those who have a passion for golf, there are several places to look for that provide a memorable moment for you, friends, and family. Here is a beautiful article about this topic. Enclosed will be a listing of golf courses that are located around the globe that will bring forth positive upliftings.

Turnberry Resort Located In Turnberry, Scotland

Known for their beautiful view and cape cod style atmosphere, this golf course stands 7,204 yards long and is very popular in Scotland area. This golf course has hosted on four separate occasions and Open Tournament towards famous golfers competing against one another and has a popular background due to this. Not only does this location have plenty of roaming space for golfing, but this also provides a fantastic view of the coastal side, along with a beautiful lighthouse that is in sight view.

Winged Foot Golf Club Located In Mamaroneck, New York

For those who live in the big city and are looking for a competitive and somewhat difficult golf course that can test their skills and experience, Winged Foot Golf Club is an excellent choice. This area carries 7,264 yards of space providing plenty of room for golfers to play and is another quite popular location as well. This area has treacherous bunkers and is shaped similarly as a bowl. For those looking for a golf course that carries difficulty, this location will definitely test just how great you are as a golfer.

Sands Hill Golf Club Located In Mullen, Nebraska

Sands Hill is a trendy area that a lot of people consider going golfing. This location provides a sand style setup that brings forth feeling like your one with nature in a sense. This area carries real pre-existing dunes, offering a natural feeling with nature. This area wasn’t altered, and allow nature to do its course on this field. It has a beautiful sighting with 7,089 long yards. For those looking for a moment they will not forget, this is the place to be!

Cabot Cliffs Located In Inverness, Canada

For those who have a passion for golf courses located in the Canada area, there is a beautiful location called Cabot Cliffs. This area is 6785 yards long and is an exceptional area that has a beach view with an ocean cliff typesetting. It has a grand view and is excellent for those who would like to take several photos of themselves along with the natural settings.

Sebonack Golf Club Located In Southampton, New York

For those looking for a beautiful location that provides plenty of space for golf, along with a grand view and country club setting, this is the place to go. It is a costly location, and a lot of people that live out in the Hampton area tend to tread toward this location. This area is considered to be one of the most wealthiest, and discerning communities located and is a wonderful place to share luxurious memories. It is 7220 yards long and has a terrific view for those that want to take several pictures for their social media profiles.

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