Best Golf Equipment Brands

If you want to identify the best golf brands, you must inquire with the various sources like the and the Golf Digest which are obligated in reviewing the top-rated clubs annually. The rate depends on the clubs’ value and quality, performance, user analysis, and offering product comparisons for them to come up with the best golf brands every year.

The brands below have a broad rating coverage.


Callaway golf club happens to receive both gold and silver from the Golf Digest in 2018 in various categories. Callaway club performed well in Best drivers’ list that got the gold and according to Callaway Rogue Iron. The resource from held that Rogue happened to produced an improved sound worldwide apart from its attributes to forgive and the distance too. Rogue was highly appreciated where there were many ?wow’ factors for the club’s winnings.


The TaylorMade also performed well on the best brands of clubs list with a gold rating in various categories, where two clubs which led to best fairway woods, best hybrids, best players-distance iron best mallet putters, and best drivers lists. The other category that won one is the best players irons, best blade putters, best wedges, and the best game-improvement irons.

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Titleist club is well recognized for its adorable performance with a gold rating. The club has two categories which made it be among the best brands due to its best players-distance irons, best players, irons, and in the best mallet putters lists. The noted Titleist as being the targeted handicaps of various levels, having a bias towards the low-handicappers as well as the accomplished or competitive players.


Mizuno club was also awarded both gold and silver ratings by the Golf Digest in their 2018 list. Mizuno club happened to garner three mentions for the best players iron, two gold ratings for best wedges and one silver rating. The club had the best game-improvement-irons with a gold rating, two silvers for best drivers list, and one silver for best hybrids, best fairway woods, and best players-distance irons. Mizuno club was named in 2018 as the business insider’s best pick when they were making their list on which are the best brands of golf you can ever enjoy.


Odyssey club was also recognized to be among the top hot lists with a gold rating having three clubs being the best in mallet putters list. regarded the Odyssey as a design that delivers dependable and impacts felt roll-out. The Odyssey fans are always proud of their club and will always do whatever possible to have their club get a try.


Ping club was included in many of the golf digest 2018 list as being among the best golf equipment brands. It was hence awarded two gold ratings in each of best mallet putters, best blade putters, and best wedges and one gold for each best drivers, best hybrids, best fairway woods, best players distance irons, and best players irons. The Ping club’s best game-improvement irons were awarded a silver rating too.


Cobra brand is also recognized as being the best brand by Hotlist with a gold rating for every best fairway woods, best super game improvement irons, best wedges, and best drivers and a silver rating for the best hybrids. The reviewed cobra as being an out-performer, and best hybrid hit when you have the trajectory profile.

You were always worried about which are the best golf brands, the above golf clubs are the best ones, and they will always be the best ones. You can try and get to enjoy them and even buy one when you like it.

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